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Just living? GCSE resource
Theme: Christianity, poverty
Country: Worldwide
Omar (9) with his teacher in his classroom studying

A Christian Aid GCSE Religious Studies resource, supporting elements of the syllabus relating to morality, ethics, community, Jesus’ teaching on responding to others' needs.

I'w ddarllen yn y Gymraeg >

This resource aims to:

  • Support elements of GCSE Religious Studies relating to morality, ethics, community, Jesus' teaching on responding to others' needs.
  • Undertake an in-depth study of Christian values in response to global poverty and justice.
  • Look at the work of a Christian charity.
  • Encourage and enable students to think critically about the meaning of poverty and its causes.
  • Examine emergency and long-term aid.

Just living? Teacher's introduction and guide (PDF, 174kb)  

Just living? Exam board requirements cross-reference table (PDF, 284kb)  

Description of units:

Just living? is divided into four units to support the relevant elements of GCSE Religious Studies. Each unit comprises teachers' notes and lesson plans, film clips, resource sheets, photos to download (for pupils' own projects) and some units include slide presentations.

Unit one: Why should Christians help the poor?

An examination of teachings in the Bible that inspire believers to help the disadvantaged.

Unit two: What is Christian Aid?

The work of a Christian organisation.

Unit three: What is poverty?

Examining what poverty is and what causes it. 

Unit four: Emergency and long-term aid

Examples of aid that Christian Aid is involved in, including disaster preparedness and sustainable development.

Age: 14-16 / GCSE
Subject areas: Religious studies