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Just living? Unit four: Emergency and long-term aid
Theme: Christianity, poverty
Country: Worldwide
Doctor examining patient in Punda Balla Village

Emergency and long-term aid. Examples of aid with which Christian Aid is involved, including disaster preparedness and sustainable development. (Helping people to be more than just living.)

I'w ddarllen yn y Gymraeg >

Christian Aid is involved in two types of aid: emergency aid (also know as disaster relief) and long-term aid. These resources explore both types and draw on case studies from the 2010 Pakistan floods and Haiti earthquake.

Unit four resources:

Lesson plans
Unit four lesson plans (PDF, 187kb)

Resource sheets 
14: Emergency aid or long-term aid (PDF, 71kb)
15: Haiti - an example of aid (PDF, 71kb)
16: Being prepared (PDF, 71kb)
17: Disaster team (PDF, 72kb)
18: Long-term aid (PDF, 2.5mb)
19: Christian Aid long-term aid overview (PDF, 71kb)

2: Emergency and long-term aid (PDF, 1.3mb)

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8: Haiti
Watch on YouTube
Download Haiti (YouSendIt, 67mb)

9: Ducks
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Download Ducks (YouSendIt, 27mb)

10: Quarry workers in Egypt
Watch on YouTube
Download Quarry workers in Egypt (YouSendIt, 59mb)

11: Children in Gaza
Watch on YouTube
Download Children in Gaza (YouSendIt, 10mb)

12: Matopeni
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Download Matopeni (YouSendIt, 47mb)

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Age: 14-16 / GCSE
Subject areas: Religious studies